You know there is an old saying “When one door closes, another one opens”. The same applied to us here. The three of us came all the way from photography & design industry, until we retired in 2018. When we asked ourselves “What’s next?” back then, one thing came out of our minds – BAGS! Why bags, simply because all of us have a thing or two about bags. We love collecting unique, functional, cool bags. Guess it’s just kind of a hobby. Not leather bags, but fabric bags. 

The first thing we did in our new venture was to come up with a brand. A brand that represents us and the products we create. And that is “DAAVUU”. People then started to ask what DAAVUU means. DAAVUU is a pronunciation of даавуу, a mongolian translation of ‘FABRIC’.

The next thing of course to find the source of the fabrics, which we finally did. The fabrics we use in our products are so unique and special that they are water repellent, strong, and durable. Not only that, but they also have a wide range of colors & designs with outstanding color fastness, and of course they are environmental friendly and 100% recyclable*). It’s kinda cool, huh?!

To have ideas and turn them into reality is surely a thrilling experience. With this mindset, combined with our attention to details, we present you our products. The whole process always get us carried away. And hopefully you will too when you carry our bags.

Whom our bags are for?
We design our bags for creative, smart, dynamic, and anti mainstream individuals who are young adults/university students to executives who are young at heart. 

It is our goal to donate part of your purchase for those in need.  

As an important addition to all those above, DAAVUU also has one social mission :  To help needy and terminally ill children.

*) Applicable to most of our product range